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Terms & Conditions

In order to participate in group or private sessions (fitness classes) at CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC and virtual and/or outdoor classes offered by CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC, you must read and agree to this waiver:


I agree that boxing, physical activity, and fitness practice involve the risk of physical injury including death that may result from accidental contact, falls, or other causes.

I assume full responsibility for any danger, injury, or damage I may suffer while participating in physical activity at CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC.


I release CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC, its owners, shareholders, corporations, directors, employees, members, customers, representatives and agents, from any and all liability arising from any injury, and release them from any and all claims, losses, damages to persons or property arising directly or indirectly from the use of the facilities of CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC or any activities offered by CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC. This agreement also applies to my heirs, successors, assigns and family members.

I declare that I am in adequate physical condition or have consulted a physician to ensure that I am able to participate in the physical, sports and boxing activities offered at CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC and the virtual classes offered by CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC.


Rules and regulations:


Rules for booking a group class:


- Reserving your spot for a session will be possible via the MindBody app one(1) week in advance.


- Upon arrival, it is mandatory to announce your presence at the class via the tablet.

Rules regarding the cancellation of your reservation:


- You may cancel your reservation up to 2 hours before the session without penalty. A late cancellation will result in a $10 late cancellation fee. If you do not show up for class (no show) a $15 fee will be charged.


- If you have limited access per month to the group class (a la carte entries or limited access package), late cancellation will result in the loss of one access per month or your entry package.


- If you are late, your place in the course will be given to the next participant on the waiting list.


- If you are late and for safety reasons, you may be denied access to the session (warm-up already done).


Waiting list rules:

- If a session is full, it will be possible to add your name to the waiting list. When a spot becomes available, you will automatically be placed in the session. This automatic transfer is done up to 2 hours before the session starts.


- It will become your responsibility to cancel your participation in the class if you get a spot in the class.




- No indecent and violent behaviour or disrespect towards CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC employees or clients will be tolerated. Such behaviour may result in immediate termination of your contract or access to the training studio.


- It is mandatory to indicate your presence at the group class sessions upon arrival. This can be done via electronic tablets or with an employee of CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC.


- It is mandatory to have clean training shoes to participate in the group class. Winter or dirty shoes and boots are not allowed in the training area.


- I authorize CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC and its employees or representatives to take and use digital image photographs, video recordings, audio interviews and or remarks made by me for use in promotional or educational material. I also agree that my name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary within the image. I authorize the use of this material indefinitely without compensation. All negatives, positives, posters, digital reproductions, and video and audio recordings are the property of Urban Legends.


- Appropriate footwear and coverings and a shirt or camisole must be worn. the use of a personal towel is required at all times in the gym. all equipment must be returned after use. Photo identification must be presented upon request. Each member must respect other users and behave appropriately at all times. CLUB DE BOXE URBAN LEGENDS INC staff reserves the right to cancel the rights of members who do not respect the terms and conditions of membership. No one under the age of sixteen (16) will be allowed in the gym without the constant consent of their legal guardian.


Purchase Policy: 


-If the consumer wishes to terminate his contract before the end of the term designated on it, he/she must signal his intention to the merchant in writing by completing and sending by certified mail or handing to the center's managers the cancellation form provided for this purpose ten (10) days before the renewal. The consumer also agrees without reservation to pay the merchant a cancellation fee representing the cost of administration for the cancellation of the contract. The consumer also agrees to pay for the months and days between the date of the subscription and the date of termination. Monthly subscriptions are not prorated. The customer would have to finish his month of subscription.

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