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Our boxing classes are designed with the athlete in mind. A structured method to maximize your workout, our classes begin with a warm up, typically jumping rope, like true boxing style, followed by partner drills, defence & offence exercises and bag work. To end the class, we cool down with abs & core exercises and stretching. Knowing the needs of each individual in the class allows us to ensure that out athletes are being pushed towards their goals while learning the best technique and boxing fundamentals.

 2.  TEEN boxing

Our teen boxing class is a space where teens can come and unwind after school. The classes are dynamic and interactive in an engaging environment. We teach proper boxing techniques and apply them through various boxing drills, self-defence and activities while encouraging self-esteem and confidence. 

 3.  Little Legends

Our Little Legends program is designed to nurture our young athletes minds as well as their bodies. The gym is a space for your young ones where they can learn, grow and be themselves while learning the basics of boxing. We teach this through group activities, partner work and drills on the bag.

 4.  Strength & Conditioning

Our 60 min Full Body Strength and Conditioning class, focuses on functionality and metabolic rate.
The class allows members to improve upon their overall strength while keeping in mind injuries or limitations. We create different circuits each week to keep the class interesting while maintaining a link to the muscles worked the previous week.

You're sure to get a proper sweat in this weight lifting class so bring your fire!

 5.  amateur team

Our amateur team is our competitive boxing team, who train daily for amateur boxing fights. Dedicating their time at the gym, they take part in boxing competitions across the country against others following the rules of the FQBO. 

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