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Coach Khaled is one of the youngest boxing trainers

in Montreal, with 10 years of experience in the boxing

industry and level 1 & 2 FQBO certification.


Khaled found boxing at a young age when he first moved from Egypt to Canada. He fell in love with the sport the first day he stepped in the ring; an experience that changed his

life and inspired him to share that passion with others. 


He has over 25 fights in amateur boxing, at the national

and international level. Having competed at the highest

level of amateur boxing in Quebec, he has worked alongside today's world champions.


With his vast experience in the sport, he was able to

open his own studio where he teaches the classic style

of boxing. Coach Khaled is a firm believer of community

and growing together. Getting to know each person that

walks into the studio, personally, is one of the most important

values shared. Urban Legends Boxing is home to many members who are now considered family.


A sport that is more than just a sport, boxing is an outlet for Coach Michael that has allowed him to express himself and unwind.  


With 8 years of boxing experience, Michael is translating all he has acquired to his clients

with his knowledge and level 1 certification 

under BOXE Québec.


Coach Michael also has 5 years of youth work experience with the YMCA of Québec. Through supervising teenagers ages 12 to 17 in after school programs, as well as facilitating drug prevention and mental health workshops in LBPSB high schools throughout the West Island, Michael has developed the best methods of communicating with teens.


Now at Urban Legends, Michael is in charge of

the youth program, a program allowing for young athletes to come to the studio to not only learn how

to box but learn the importance of discipline, hard work and determination

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Falling in love with the sport at an early age,

only realizing later that boxing is a lifestyle and

not a sport. 


Although self taught, Coach Curtis journeyed through some of the Best Boxing Clubs Montreal has to offer and learnt from some of the best boxing

trainers Quebec has produced. 


Certified as a boxing trainer with Boxe Quebec

and Boxing Canada, he uses a functional, theoretical and fun approach in assisting

students realize their goals. 


A tough but fair, charismatic and motivated coach that is driven through experience and passion.



Coach Vanessa has five years of experience in boxing and her passion for the sport is reflected

in her work.


As a Certified Athletic Therapist and Massage Therapist, coach Vanessa combines her knowledge of boxing and therapy allowing her clients pain-free movement in achieving their personal goals.


In addition to training, she provides services in manual therapy and injury rehabilitation in a clinical setting. Her studies give her that edge to not only teach proper boxing techniques but implement proper body mechanics and injury prevention exercises within her sessions.

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Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) 

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Mo nawaz

Coach Mo, a dedicated and passionate boxing coach with over 14 years of experience in the sport. Mo has trained internationally in Virginia, London, Ireland, Pakistan, and most recently Montreal. Each region he learned from has helped him develop a well-rounded knowledge of boxing as an art. He has also gained valuable amateur fight experience, allowing him to provide invaluable realistic insights to his students.


Mo's coaching style is focused on paying attention to every precise detail and providing individualized training to his students, ensuring they all reach their maximum potential. He understands that boxing is a gift and is committed to sharing it with his students.


As a member of our team at Urban Legends Boxing Club, Coach Mo brings a vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to every session. Join us today and let Coach Mo help you unleash your inner fighter.


Coach Joey’s boxing journey began 11 years ago as a means to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Having been heavily involved in competitive sports his entire life, he quickly became enamoured with the pure competitive nature in the sport of boxing. 


With 9 years of experience competing across Quebec and training under and alongside some of the most reputable names in the local boxing scene, he came to understand the full power of boxing; the positive contribution the sport has on people's overall mental and physical health.


Coach Joey finds immense passion and reward in passing on his knowledge. As such, he has developed a keen ability to observe each individual and tune his approach to the differing needs of whoever he teaches. 

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joey Marcogliese


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