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coach joey

boxing coach | amateur team coach

Coach Joey’s boxing journey began 11 years ago as a means to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Having been heavily involved in competitive sports his entire life, he quickly became enamoured with the pure competitive nature in the sport of boxing. 


With 9 years of experience competing across Quebec and training under and alongside some of the most reputable names in the local boxing scene, he came to understand the full power of boxing; the positive contribution the sport has on people's overall mental and physical health.


Coach Joey finds immense passion and reward in passing on his knowledge. As such, he has developed a keen ability to observe each individual and tune his approach to the differing needs of whoever he teaches. 

favourite boxer: joe calzaghe

favourite style of music: metal

favourite punch: straight cross to 
solar plex


coach joey's classes

 Monday 7am 

 Wednesday 7am 

 thursday 12pm 

 thursday 7pm 

 friday 7am 

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