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coach Mo


Coach Mo, a dedicated and passionate boxing coach with over 14 years of experience in the sport. Mo has trained internationally in Virginia, London, Ireland, Pakistan, and most recently Montreal. Each region he learned from has helped him develop a well-rounded knowledge of boxing as an art. He has also gained valuable amateur fight experience, allowing him to provide invaluable realistic insights to his students.


Mo's coaching style is focused on paying attention to every precise detail and providing individualized training to his students, ensuring they all reach their maximum potential. He understands that boxing is a gift and is committed to sharing it with his students.


As a member of our team at Urban Legends Boxing Club, Coach Mo brings a vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to every session. Join us today and let Coach Mo help you unleash your inner fighter.

favourite boxer: marvin hagler

favourite style of music: trap, hip hop

favourite punch: Left hook to the head


coach mo's classes

 thursday 5 pm 

 Saturday 10:30am 

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