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coach mike

boxing coach | head of teen program

A sport that is more than just a sport, boxing is an outlet for Coach Michael that has allowed him to express himself and unwind.  


With 8 years of boxing experience, Michael is translating all he has acquired to his clients

with his knowledge and level 1 certification 

under BOXE Québec.


Coach Michael also has 5 years of youth work experience with the YMCA of Québec. Through supervising teenagers ages 12 to 17 in after school programs, as well as facilitating drug prevention and mental health workshops in LBPSB high schools throughout the West Island, Michael has developed the best methods of communicating with teens.


Now at Urban Legends, Michael is in charge of

the youth program, a program allowing for young athletes to come to the studio to not only learn how

to box but learn the importance of discipline, hard work and determination

favourite boxer: Manny pacquiao

favourite style of music: 90-early 2000's r&b

favourite punch: southpaw jab


coach mikes's classes

 Monday 5pm 

 friday 5:30pm 

 tuesday 12pm 

 saturday 12pm 

coach mikes's teen classes

 Monday 7pm 

 friday 6:30pm 

 tuesday 5pm 

 thursday 6pm 

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